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Start tracking
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In just three steps, your websites take flight!

1. Add your Website
1. Add your Website
Just a name, and the URL are needed
2. Connect your Website
2. Connect your Website
Copy the generated code in the head of your website
3. Enjoy your Statistics
3. Enjoy your Statistics
Aurora now is fully set up, take a coffee and wait for your audience!

A new way to collect
website statistics

Aurora is feature rich, and constantly evolving

One Click Deploy
Deploy Aurora and start tracking in literally 5 minutes
Complications? No Thanks
Aurora is simple, no complex knowledge are required to get started.
User Friendly
One dashboard, your data inside, no more GA infinite menus, with tons of buttons.
Many Websites? Sure
Manage multiple websites at the same time, a couple of clicks, et vòila!
No Hidden Tricks
The Aurora codebase is open-source, everyone can guarantee that there is nothing suspicious.
No Money? Yes Party
No Penny are required to run Aurora, ship it on your favorite platform. You're watertight.
Simplicity is Our Guideline
We guarantee a baby-proof user experience.
Trust & Secure By Default
No bad companies will spy on your data, they will be yours, forever.
Clean Reports & Analytics
Manage your data with the timerange series. It's a Piece of Cake.

It works on all you're
favourite apps

A touch of privacy to your blog, portfolio or web application

Github Pages

...and many more!

Curious to try? Start collecting data today

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